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Condado Starr

For over 20 years strong, Santa Cruz Properties has been dedicated to the families of the Rio Grande Valley. Since 1993, we have been making the dream of land ownership come true for all of our customers. Families that could have never imagined themselves the proud owners of gorgeous rural land have found new hope through our owner financed property options.

We understand that customers may have dozens of questions when it comes to land ownership, whether it be for residential or agricultural use properties. That’s why the Santa Cruz Properties team is committed to offering sound advice so you have all the right information to make the best decision possible. Our professional, friendly, and effective team will help you to find the right property match for your needs and budget.

Starr County: Country Life & Big City Amenities

If you’re in search of the perfect blend of country living and big city amenities, then Starr County is sure to be the place for you. As part of the Rio Grande Valley metro area, which houses a population of over 1.3 million people, Starr County offers residents an opportunity to enjoy the booming growth of the region but at a distance that provides the peace and quiet of small-town living.

The county offers a bevy of fun and active adventures for those who love the outdoors including the World Birding Center Roma Bluffs, Falcon State Park which features plenty of swimming, fishing, boating, and camping opportunities, as well as Fort Ringgold Historic District, and so much more.

Major cities in the county include:

Rio Grande City – As the county seat of Starr County, Rio Grande City has an amazing culture, plenty of big city amenities, restaurants, movie theaters, outdoor activity venues, and a history to match. Rio Grande City is the largest city in Starr County. Roma – A town full of history, scenic sights, and all the necessary amenities you can expect in a town its size, Roma is only a few miles from Rio Grande City and an excellent area to live in. Whether you’re in search of a wonderful shopping experience, night out on the town, or prefer to enjoy country living under that big, beautiful Texas sky, Starr County is just the place for you.

With Your Goals in Mind

Throughout our history, Santa Cruz Properties has shown commitment and dedication to the development of the Rio Grande Valley. We strongly believe that our service to the citizens of the Rio Grande Valley community should extend beyond our work day and business. That is why we have dedicated our time, energy, and resources over the years to many non-profit community groups including city, church, bank, rotary, and regional boards, as well as local Boys & Girls Clubs.

Invested in You

You might be wondering why we take real estate to heart and the answer is simple: we invest in people. The truth is, everyone deserves an opportunity to turn their dreams of owning property into a reality. Our team has been helping clients reach this goal with honesty and trust for over 20 years. Let us stand by your side as you take the first step toward your American Dream in Starr County today.

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